Guided Fishing in Casco Bay

Sight Fish, Chase Bait Fish, Cast from the Ledges

Casco Bay is a crescent, 20 miles wide by 10 miles deep, containing over three hundred islands, with marshes, mudflats, river outlets and our famous rocky shoreline. Fishing options include sight fishing on the flats, following migrating bait fish into the rivers, and casting into the froth near rocky ledges. All the while, the strong tidal currents provide bait feeding  funnels of moving water over perfect ambush sites for predators.


Fish Beautiful Casco Bay

Fishing enthusiasts know that Casco Bay is the embodiment of Maine’s beauty. But beneath its stunning waters lies a rich diversity of fish, including striped bass, bluefish, and mackerel. You’ll have as much fun cruising along the pristine waters in The Last Cast as you will brawling with the striper on the end of your line. Captain David Eaton knows the waters of Casco Bay like the back of his hand, and with tried-and-true tactics and expert guidance you’ll end your fishing trip with a memorable experience.