Guided Fishing in Saco Bay

Maine’s Best Inshore Flyfishing

Saco Bay provides one of our favorite fishing experiences. Known for its picturesque shoreline and excellent fishing opportunities, you’ll enjoy Maine from an angler’s perspective on our trip to this favorite Gulf of Maine fishing area. The scenery, the beaches, and the abundant fish along the shoreline makes a trip to Saco Bay into a fishing adventure you’ll remember. Professional tactics and deep knowledge of the area will leave no stone unturned as well stalk stripers in the most promising areas of Maine’s coastal waters.

Stalk Stripers in the Bay’s Shallow Waters

Saco Bay is just around the headland of Cape Elizabeth. Its white sand beaches and estuaries offer great opportunities for sight fishing in its purest form.  While we drif over the bars searching for cruising fish in shallow water, you stand on alert, ready to make a quick cast ahead of a moving shadow.  Watching a striper turn to eat your fly or lure is magical. The take is a thrill, only rivaled by the visual caterwauling as the fish goes airborne in the shallow water.